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NEV Reflector Strip Patchwork Jacket

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Join our new adventure "Above the Clouds - Mysterious Seduction", an experience that showcases unique style and high-end taste. Each piece of clothing demonstrates exquisite craftsmanship and unique design concepts. In this collection, you'll find streamlined cuts and carefully selected fabrics that will add an air of mystery and unique charm to your figure. Join us now!
  • Designer: Make a bold statement with the Reflective Stripe Patchwork Jacket. This jacket has a unique and eye-catching design with reflective strips spliced in to create a dynamic and futuristic look. The reflective strips not only add style, but also improve visibility in low-light conditions, making it ideal for outdoor activities.100% polyester ensures smoothness and resistance to wrinkles, plus the jacket is easy to wash and quick-drying with excellent fabrics in this material.
  • Material: Polyester(100%).
  • Clothing details: Metal Buckle.


Female 5'3 (160cm) 103 lbs (47kg) Size: S 

Male 5'7 (175cm) 132 lbs (60kg) Size: L